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Urweltsteinbruch Holzmaden

Golden T-Rex skull cast | Handmade in Germany

Golden T-Rex skull cast | Handmade in Germany

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  • Origin: Handmade in Germany
  • Size: L132cm W66cm H90cm / L52in W26in H35.4in
  • Weight: 40kg / 88lb
  • Description:

    Add a touch of luxury to your interior with our carefully handcrafted T-Rex skull, finished with precious 24-carat gold. This outstanding work presents a detailed 1:1 replica of an original T-Rex skull and has been designed with the utmost precision to make an impressive impression.

  • Each of these exquisite specimens is handcrafted to order in Germany to ensure that each piece is unique. Our T-Rex skull casts are produced in limited quantities and currently number 21/100 is available for sale. Please allow 4-8 weeks for production as we take the utmost care and precision to create these stunning works of art for you.
  • Additional information: In 1905, Henry Fairfield Osborn introduced the world to the legendary T-Rex, widely considered the largest carnivore among dinosaurs and perhaps the most recognizable and famous dinosaur species ever discovered. This extraordinary discovery resulted from the excavation of a skeleton in 1902 in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. Standing more than 4 meters tall and an impressive 12 meters long, the T-Rex was the largest predator of the Late Cretaceous Period. It is one of the last dinosaurs to walk the Earth before the catastrophic event that led to their mass extinction.

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