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Green River Fish Mortality Plate | Wyoming, USA

Green River Fish Mortality Plate | Wyoming, USA

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  • Origin: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
  • Size: H127cm W80cm D7cm
  • Age: Eocene, 50 million years old
  • Description: Pictured are Knightia eocaena, the state fossil of Wyoming, Diplomystus dentatus and Priscacara sp.

    This wonderful display of freshwater fish from the prehistoric three-lake system known as the Green River Formation features excellent preservation in every detail. The attractive gold-colored limestone matrix is ​​from the F-2 horizon of this famous geological formation.

  • Additional Information: In the Green River Formation of southwestern Wyoming, in the area known as Fossil Lake, two distinct zones of very fine-grained calcareous muds are particularly noted for preserving a large number of complete and detailed fossils. These layers are an Eocene deposit, a rare location where conditions were right for a rich assemblage of undisturbed fossils. The richest zone, called the split fish layer, consists of a series of layered or corrugated calcareous muds about 6 ft (1.8 m) thick that contain abundant fish and other fossils. These are easily split along the layers to expose the fossils. This thin zone represents about 4,000 years of deposition. The second fossil zone, the 18-inch layer, is a non-laminated layer about 18 inches (46 cm) thick that also contains abundant detailed fossils but is more difficult to work with because it is not composed of split layers.

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