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Urweltsteinbruch Holzmaden

Ammonite | Madagascar

Ammonite | Madagascar

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  • Origin: Madagascar

  • Size: H53cm W42cm D19cm

  • Weight: 34.95 kg

  • Description: An ammonite mounted on a handmade, bespoke stand that highlights the spiral shape so typical of an ammonite.

  • Additional Information:

    - Ammonites were shell-like cephalopods that became extinct about 66 million years ago. Fossils of them are found all over the world. Ammonites are extinct shell-like cephalopods. All had a chambered shell that they used for buoyancy control.

    - Their geometry and beauty have captured the human imagination since at least the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) period, giving rise to many origin myths and beliefs in their magical and medicinal properties.

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